Saturday, April 9, 2011

Straight from Brazil...Where the Nuts Come From !!!!

A crazed gunman killed 11 people and wounded more than a dozen in a shooting spree in Rio de Janiero. The Chicago Tribune and most mainstream media wires are carrying the story, but they're playing coy with all the facts. The Trib actually alludes to narcotics-related violent crime, which has plagued Rio and other cities in the region for years. The "official" analysis, so far, emphasizes that this is a random crime carried out by a mentally unstable former student, and that this type of mass murder is not typical of Brazil.

And yet the shooter was Muslim. and yelled "Allahu akbar!" as he mowed down these kids. The Tribune (etc.) has NOT mentioned this fact in all the stories relating to this incident.

The killer's sister said that he had become "more Muslim" recently, although he had no criminal record. He also left a suicide note that supposedly points to his emotional fragility, but all the quotes so far released from his statement really don't sound that kooky. In fact, they're typical sentiments that suicide bombers express, and record either in writing or on camera, right before they go on their final mission.

Was he a stable, normal, but devout guy, or a complete kook? He definitely sounds like he is walking with one foot off the curb, but there are several questions we should all be asking:

1. He spent a lot of time on the internet, although memberhsip in a mosque has not yet been revealed. But, if he did form any of these ideas as a result of such exposure, shouldn't we be talking more about radicalization of Muslims? This case happened in Brazil, but it is certainly not without precedent here. Yet Peter King was pretty much portrayed as the anti-Christ for suggesting that elements exist within Islam that help "groom" future jihadis.

2. Why the blackout on this guy's religion? I recall that exposing religious fervor played a huge part in coverage of Waco and Jonestown. If this person said he was doing this in the name of Islam and actually shouted "Allahu akbar!" while he was committing the crime, why not say that?

The lesson we should take away from this is that radical, violent Islam has its tentacles everywhere.

So the last and most important question is:

3. What are we going to do about it?

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