Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can the owner and pilot of a plane also be the hijacker?

One of the buzzwords used when discussing militant Islam has been "hijacked," as in, " Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a few violent people who are NOT REALLY MUSLIMS." Whenever an unfortunate situation develops, even if it involves devout, sincere, and mainstream Muslims who are following the Qur'an, the non-Muslim West has to dismiss it by saying that the religion has been "hijacked." That's because the truth--that Islam is not compatable with democracy--doesn't fit the narrative we've been told to swallow.

Today there's an AP story on Forbes about our Secretery of State Hillary Clinton's comments in Germany, where she expresses concern over events in Egypt following the "grassroots pro-democracy revolution."

 "U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is warning that rising intolerance toward women and religious minorities threatens to hijack democratic transitions around the Arab world and spread violent extremism....She said such incidents test the unity of pro-democracy demonstrators whose peaceful protests ousted Egypt's authoritarian president and could fracture the reform movement."

Really, Hillary?

Maybe they didn't cover this chapter in Secretary of State School, but here are some points worth remembering:

1. The "democracy movement" was never about democracy. It was presented as such to generate sympathy and support from Westerners who don't know how the Islamic world works.

2. The most powerful groups in the "democracy movement" have NEVER said they would embrace women and religious minorites as equal partners.

3. The "peaceful protests" weren't all that peaceful. 

4. "Egypt's authoritarian president" will be judged favorably by history. Give it ten years, and Hosni Mubarek will be seen as a man who was sometimes forced to enact extreme measures to keep the genie of Islamism in the bottle, and he'll also be seen as the last Egyptian patriot.

No "hijacking" is taking place. The goals that were stated clearly by the Muslim Brotherhood and by "mainstream" Muslim leaders are now being implemented.  This is what they want. This is what the supporters of the movements--in the Muslim world and in the West--worked for, whether or not they admitted it to themeselves.

Not every culture is ready for democracy. Not every culture is open to allowing every citizen to have personal or civil liberties. Clinton, and her boss, should have known this.

Egypt, I am sure, will be a fine place to live for conservative Muslim men.

Everyone else, not so much.  

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