Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Re-Writing History--with a Big Eraser !!!

It's magic!

Right around the time the Muslim Brotherhood was busy promoting its new, clean, wholesome image as a moderate, progressive, quasi-secular "grassroots democracy movement" (so said CAIR's Ahmed Rehab), some problematic bylaws disappeared from the Brotherhood's English-language Site. Did someone accidentally hit the Delete button and completely eliminate the MoBro's statement on waging jihad until the caliphate is restored and everyone--Muslim and non-Muslim alike--must live under sharia?

Basically, the bylaws said that the MoBro is dedicated to the "establishment of a global Islamic state" and would "build a new basis of human civilzation" by implementing sharia.

The funny thing is, those bylaws remain in place on the MoBro's Arabic website. So even though they've occasionally implied that the bylaws would be revised (this was done mostly to shut up critics), the MoBro hasn't officially altered any of the founding documents.

I guess most non-Muslims are considered too dumb to notice that.

PBS's Frontline shows a Bro discouraging another Bro from brandishing the Qur'an because doing so undermines the new face they're presenting. (The LA Times carries similar coverage.) It seems they want to keep the Muslim element (which pretty much defines them, given their name) on the down-low until AFTER elections.

Of course, the elections will undoubtedly have very favorable outcomes for the MoBro, who will then be able to openly get back to basics, with none of this "Egyptian identity trumps everything" business. Pretty soon Cairo will have George Bush-type billboards with Mubarek's picture and the caption, "Miss me yet?"

Several years ago, the FBI got Holy Land Foundation/MoBro/CAIR members on tape when they explained how it's okay to lie and misrepresent your organization and its goals: they said, "War is deception. We are fighting our enemy with a kind heart...war is deception."

This is in accordance with the Qur'an, which teaches that lying to a non-Muslim isn't really lying. (Even when you're referring to those passages and lying about them.)

So, this is more deception in what they openly describe as a war that will continue until the restoration of the caliphate.

Too bad only one side realizes we're even fighting.

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