Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Man Who Should Be President

If the Youtube link I posted is broken, you can try Allen West explains Islam.  Allen West succinctly explains exactly why Islam has an issue with the civilized world. The only flaw in his speech--that I could tell--is that he mentions the German and Austrian  defense of Vienna, while omitting the potent force of King Jan Sobieski's winged hussars, a fearless (and feared) branch of elite Polish cavalrymen. But that's just a small quibble, and the other battles West mentions are worth reading about (Tours in France and Lepanto in Italy, especially).

He makes the point that non-Muslims should read the Qur'an, as well as related Muslim sources that go into greater detail on forcing everyone to follow "the straight path." Actually, non-Muslims AND Muslims should go back and read up on Islamic scripture and tradition.  Most Muslims are not Arabian, and don't read and write Arabic, and so they depend on imams to explain Islam to them. (And among the Muslims who do speak Arabic, the Qur'an et al are written in classical Arabic, in which only a few people are fluent.) I'm willing to bet that a lot of genuinely peace-loving, apolitical, non-Westernphobic Muslims have been given a highly edited, sanitized version of what Mohammad stood for...and unless they educate themselves, they will continue to be easily manipulated by scholars who lead them around by the nose.

In other words,  it's everyone's responsibility to go to the sources and see what they have to say, with the understanding that millions of Muslims take those words literally.

Allen West is one of the few politicians willing to say this.

The current administration is playing with fire by continuing to downplay the reality of Islamism (like its history of "outreach" to the Muslim Brotherhood). It's putting our allies at risk, which ultimately puts us at risk. We are nation-building in the worst possible way: lending moral support to fundamentalist states that have an agenda of regional, and then world, domination.

We need leadership that understands this, and is willing to face this issue head-on. I sincerely hope that Colonel West's political ambitions reach far beyond representing his state in Congress, and I also hope that those ambitions are realized.

Go West !

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