Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dearborn MI Guy, "Acting Alone" to Bomb a Mosque: Turns Out He's Muslim !

A friend of mine sent me a link to the story about a man who was caught trying to bomb a Dearborn MI mosque (the story ran January 31, 2011). If this link is broken or if the initial coverage of this story doesn't come up on Google, the gist of this is that a California man--who had a troubled past, including having spent time in prison--loaded his car with explosives and headed to Dearborn MI.  Dearborn has a huge Muslim population, and the mosque in question is enormous. Anyway, this guy--Roger Stockham--was caught before he had the chance to do anything. 

Our friends at CAIR jumped on this: this is EXACTLY the kind of story CAIR likes to trot out to the media as proof that islamophobia is alive and well in American culture. Unfortunately, the same thing happened here that has happened in so many other cases: it so happens that the "random loony islamophobe" is a... Muslim ! It turns out that his issue with the mosque is that it is a shi'a mosque, and Stockham is a sunni Muslim.

The would-be bomber's religion was not mentioned at all in the original story, and his name was sufficiently un-Arabic to allow most readers to assume that he was not a Muslim at all, but someone who had a grudge against Islam and who was enough of a jerk to act on those feelings by killing or maiming other people.  I admit that's what I thought.  Law enforcement officials claimed that Stockham acted alone, but most of the coverage of this incident hinted at an undercurrent of sympathy for the victims of anti-Muslim bigotry. 

It's interesting that CAIR issued a flurry of press releases about this when the story broke, but now that the Stockham's religion has been revealed, CAIR has a)refused to comment on the story and b) expunged any mention of this incident from their website. 

Isn't that interesting? It suddenly NEVER HAPPENED.

You would think that CAIR's ongoing campaign to rid the world of islamophobia would mean that Stockham would be fair game for a long time, but CAIR is only concerned about islamophobia when the islamophobes are not Muslim. In other words, islamophobia is okay if done in the name of Islam. It's a weird, twisted kind of bias, but there it is.

CAIR is sickening with this kind of spin.  One day it's national, huge news and the next day it's NOT news, just because the perpetrator was one of "their" guys? CAIR has no integrity on any level.

It's also worth noting that the national press is staying away from this new development; it's only being mentioned in local news outlets. And why is that, do you think? Maybe because this little example of "not all terrorists are Muslim" doesn't really work here.

But like I said, I was among those who jumped to the conclusion that this was a hate crime involving non-Muslims targeting Muslims. (Even though, for years, I have been following and documenting similar incidents of islamophobia that were actually carried out by Muslims.)

It also makes me wonder if there has been any progress on the mosque-arson that happened subsequent to the Portland OR Christmas tree jihadi attempt.

CAIR has been awfully quiet on that front....and where there's smoke, there's usually fire. The only question is, who lit the match?

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