Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spencer Vs. Kreeft: The Only Good Muslim is a Bad Muslim

This video is well worth watching, and not just for its content, but for its format:

Robert Spencer, a prominent analyst of Islam, faces off against his former mentor, Professor Peter Kreeft.

Kreeft has written dozens of books on a number of topics, and he has addressed Islam. His take on Islam is that we (the West, but specifically the Christian West) would benefit from dialogue with the Muslim world. Muslims, Kreeft believes, have a lot to teach us morally and theologically (eg., proper respect for/fear of the Creator, strong family units, etc.). He uses a lot of anecdotal evidence to bolster his position, specifically, his positive encounters with Muslim students over the years.

Spencer is often vilified for being Islamophobic, but he has his facts right. The "evidence" of his Islamophobia consists of personal attacks--it seems that there are no Muslim apologists willing or able to address his arguments directly (Kreeft is no exception--he uses diversions and appeals to emotions, but he can't articulate a cogent counter-argument). Spencer has also been criticized for debating or speaking to the concerns of non-Muslims--in effect, preaching to the choir--but he has invited practicing Muslims to debate him, and they nearly always decline the invitation.

If you watch this video, you'll understand why they're afraid to engage him.

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