Thursday, August 26, 2010

Killing discussion of honor killing

Finally, I got a comment posted at the WGN site ! It's the same article that ran on the TRIB site: Taxi ads stir controversy. Up until now, every effort to add my opinion to this issue has been blocked by the site manager...who, I suspect, is the reporter who orignally wrote the piece. She is a Muslim, and the piece is clearly slanted, as you can tell.

It is no surprise that she would want to censor me. Censorship, like honor killings, is another ugly tactic to silence the opposition. And it's enthusiastically embraced by Muslim countries, which, as far as I know, are alien to the concept of freedom of the press. In today's current climate, one is only allowed to say glowingly positive things about the Faith of the Prophet or else one is labelled an "Islamophobe."

But who is the Islamophobe: the person murdering young Muslim girls, or the person trying to help them?

The Tribune is also now calling the taxi campaign one of "Anti-Islam" ads. That's misleading--how are they anti-Islam? Do they advise people to leave Islam? Do they slur specific Muslims or do they mock passages from the Qur'an? Do they display "Mo-toons"?

I also submitted a letter to the Tribune's Letters to the Editor column. I predict it will not be printed, but if it is, I also predict that it will be followed by a rebuttal from a CAIR operative. Maybe the way-cool Ahmed Rehab himself ! And he will not contradict my information--he will resort to name-calling. He has done that before, and it is sad that he isn't man enough to take on an actual debate.

Here's my letter to the Trib:

Dear Editor, 26 August 2010

It’s interesting that Pamela Geller’s anti-honor killing taxicab campaign has been criticized for stoking the flames of so-called Islamophobia, and yet no news story has mentioned Muslim-spearheaded efforts to address this problem. (Chicago Tribune, Taxi ads stir controversy: Ads imply leaving Islam is dangerous for women,”August 22, 2010 and “Yellow Cab to remove last anti-Islam ads,”

The majority of Muslims do not carry out honor killings, but the majority of honor killings are carried out by Muslims. I doubt many imperiled Muslimas directly benefited from the taxi ads, but it is important to raise awareness about these murders, which are on the rise in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. Even my “moderate” Westernized Muslim friend assured me he would kill his sister if she ever married outside the Faith. I had no reason to disbelieve him.

Also, if CAIR is really interested in improving the lives of American Muslims, they might want to join Pamela Geller’s efforts instead of vilifying her.

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