Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stealth jihad: "Bus-ted !"

Here we have a case of women using Islamic dress to compromise a municipal bus driver.  Their original plan: provoke a confrontation while wearing Islamic dress, then, when the victim (in this case, the bus driver) reacts in a reasonable fashion, accuse him of religious discrimination.

Goal: to create an opportunity for publicizing "anti-Muslim behavior," which will not only get the bus driver disciplined/fined/fired, but will also hold the bus agency, and the city, accountable. Ideally, in the future, city employees will go out of their way to avoid the appearance of intolerance and thus allow any person in Muslim garb to do whatever they want, including abuse other passengers and drivers.

Claim of 'Islamic veil bus ban' thrown out News

[I'll recap the incident here in case the link is broken/archived:  The London Evenening Standard carried a story on 28 July 2010 that described a pair of Muslim women--one wearing hijab and the other in niqab--who accused a driver of refusing them passage onto a London bus. Supposedly he did not approve of their garb. UNFORTUNATELY for our two would-be passengers, they were caught on closed-circuit TV, which showed them pounding on bus doors (the bus had completed its route) then entering via the rear door and harranguing the driver, who refuses to drive the bus until these two goofballs disembark. After the tapes were reviewed, the complaints of the girls were dismissed.]

This strategy has been around forever, but is becoming a much more common practice among conservative Muslim political activists. It's a set-up, and the entity being targeted (school, individual, business, in this case bus company) is immediately forced into a defensive position because they are painted as bigots right from the outset. The instigator wears clothing to self-identify as a Muslim; then, when he or she is called to task for rude or even illegal behavior, he or she immediately claims that this is because of anti-Muslim prejudice.

In Western countries, the worst sin one can be accused of is intolerance. Almost always, the person making the claim of discrimination is treated with deference, given an apology, and then allowed to use this precedent to hardwire public opinion in their favor.

The girls in the story orchestrated the entire incident. Unfortunately, that bus backfired.... all over them.

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